Florida LiveScan Device Vendor Classes

Florida LiveScan Device Vendor Classes

The National Live Association (NLSA) is the direct source to learn more about NLSA Florida LiveScan Device Vendor Classes and equipment financing programs. NLSA’s business development programs targeted to support savvy business entrepreneurs in establishing and growing effective LiveScan Fingerprinting operations. NLSA Florida LiveScan Device Vendor classes also includes personal development for the those seeking to became informative and well trained NLSA Certified Fingerprint Roller.

Here Are a Few Florida LiveScan Device Vendor Classes

The new and “not so new” entrants in the Biometric Live Scan Fingerprinting world are embracing NLSA Florida LiveScan Device Vendor Classes. The National Live Association is well know for its strong LiveScan training curriculum packages. NLSA training programs represent a host of online LiveScan Vendor Classes and live “hands-on-training” workshops. Here are a few of NLSA Florida LiveScan Vendor Classes:

  • NLSA-100A – Certified LiveScan Technician

    A first step in establishing a successful career in the Biometric LiveScan industry. Learn how to become an effective NLSA Certified LiveScan Technician. The NLSA Certified LiveScan Technician course covers LiveScan forms review, applicant fingerprinting preparation and rolling, LiveScan device training.

  • NLSA-100B – Ink Card Fingerprinting 101

    Effectively learn how to roll fingerprints on FBI FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Cards. This course curriculum includes the review of state and federal level guidelines, procedures and industry best practices.

  • NLSA-200A – LiveScan Business 101

    NLSA Certified LiveScan Technicians and current business owners are welcome to enroll. Get the blueprint of becoming successful Florida LiveScan Vendor. Quickly learn the intricacies of finding (and attracting) your future clientele. Be well informed of state and federal guidelines and procedures. Learn what LiveScan Device(s) best fits your business model. This is your “LiveScan Business In The Box“.


National Live Scan Association, www.NationalLiveScan.org

The National Live Scan Association.org (NLSA) takes a proactive role in the Biometric LiveScan Fingerprinting community. Florida LiveScan Device Vendor Classes are specifically designed providing workbooks and reference materials to reinforce local, state and federal policies and procedures. As an active workshop participant, you will receive extensive hands-on training and role playing sessions to enhance technical skills and knowledge.

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NLSA Certified & Approved Fingerprinting Instructors

The National Live Association provides advanced training programs for its Live Scan Fingerprinting Instructors. Along with the extensive training, the majority of our instructors own and/or have managed Live Scan Fingerprinting related businesses.